Gavin: how do you get rid of pinkeye?
Ryan: it's like being a werewolf, you have to kill the one that gave it to you


our hoodies - stephanie brown (dress/tunic)

this is the last one we’ll have up for regular sale before our us trip :) i just couldn’t leave steph without a more dress like design! ♥ i was thinking of something i would want to wear myself, no actual hood this time but a bigger loose collar + short sleeves, but can be as well made with the long ones TuT available here!

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Happy birthday!!!!! (I love your blog btw)

thank you!! :) and that makes me so happy to hear! i’m really glad you like it! 

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Happy Birthday, Jack!

thank you, friend! :D 

Here’s a drawing I did, Happy B-Day!

awww thats awesome!! thank you! f/dsljflsdjfl;ds youre so sweet! 

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I hole you have a great day! Happy birthday!

thanks anon! and i got your other message. i got what you were saying! no fears! thanks you’re so sweet! 


thank you, yo! <3

Happy Birthday ! :D

thank you so much! :D 

Happy Birthday.

Thank you so much!

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Matt took me out for my birthday! Sushi, a walk through Ann Arbor, and PIE! Best birthday ever!

happy birthday!!!!!!

Thank yoooooouuuuu!

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It's your birthday? Happy birthday! May you have the best day ever filled with all the awesome things.

Omg thank you so much!

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Happy birthday! Hope you have an absolutely awesome day :D

Thank you so much!

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Happy Birthday!! May all your wishes come true!

thank you so much! you’re so sweet! :) 


thank you! <3 ahhh so many birthday wishes! hehe.